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San Francisco Doesn’t Need a New Jail

California’s prison and jail crisis continues to draw international attention as the state with the highest number of people living in cages has been found guilty of cruel and unusual punishment. The United States Supreme Court has ordered Governor Jerry Brown to reduce California’s prison population by tens of thousands by the end of 2013. Many of those effected come from our poorest communities, including people of color, communities experiencing high levels of unemployment and homelessness, and those already experiencing mental health and addiction challenges.

In response to this ruling, many of California’s prisoners are being transferred to local jurisdictions which research shows are better equipped to respond to rehabilitation needs since they are closer to inmates home communities and support networks. Rehabilitation can really only happen where support and resources exist. Continue reading


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Palo Alto’s Vehicle Habitation Ordinance

Bad Policy – But not a reflection of the whole community

As reported in an earlier issue of STREET SHEET, the Palo Alto City Council, on August 5th, approved an ordinance making it illegal to live in a vehicle. When such legislation is passed, it’s easy to paint an entire community as biased and mean-spirited. This isn’t always the case as the following E-mail exchange between two Palo Alto residents clearly illustrates.

On Fri, Sep 13, 2013 at 10:20 AM, Brian Good wrote: 

Back in the 70s a friend of mine lived in a low-rent rooming house in North Palo Alto because that’s what he could afford on his pay as a janitor.  I’m not sure if the house is still standing, but I saw one recently that might have been it offered for sale at $2.4 million.

For 40 years, the City Council has aggressively pursued policies to facilitate kicking low-income people out of rooming houses so that rich people can occupy multi-million dollar homes. The agents who are offering this property are college-educated, and have skills that might allow them to help make the world a better place. Instead, aided by the Palo Alto City Council, they are engaged in the trivial pursuit of providing nicer housing to rich people who already have nice housing.

We’ve all heard about the Greatest Generation, that fought the Nazis and made the USA great. I’m disgusted with my generation, the S**ttiest Generation, with its lazy cynicism and selfishness that has made this crumbling world the way it is. Continue reading



In Memory of the 171 California Taser Victims,
dead at the hands of poorly trained law enforcement officers;
killed by the very same
Police Chief Greg Suhr
is determined to deploy in San Francisco


Aug. 10, Vincent Alvarez, 27, Los Angeles


Jan. 22, Raul Guevara, Jr. 30, Los Angeles


Apr. 11, Cornelius Garland Smith, 35, Los Angeles
Aug. 29, Lannie Stanley McCoy, 35, Los Angeles,
Dec. 27, Joseph Rodriguez, 24, Santa Clara


May 9, Anthony Manwell Williams III, 35, Pomona
May 18, Robert Zapata, 37, Los Angeles,
Jun. 2, Robert Herbert Bobier,31, Los Angeles
Oct. 7, Yale Larry Wilson, 25, Vacaville


Jul. 22, Miguel Contreras, 27, Los Angeles
Nov. 2, Mario Antonio Gastelum, 24, San Diego
Dec. 4, Stewart Alan Vigil, 29, Los Angeles Continue reading