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Alternative Cuts

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Below the fold, you’ll find some of our alternative suggestions for cuts to the budget. Manifestly, cutting healthcare for San Franciscans is not the only way to balance the budget. Here are some ways that outlays could be harmlessly trimmed. If you know of others, e-mail us at director@cohsf.org.

Item Dept Justification Savings
Non-critical $150 grand positions all Cut all positions paying over $150,000 that are not protected by city charter or neccesary for government operations. $13.800,000
Remove salary increases for Mayoral staff Mayor 1.4.8 changes were made to increase salary and benefits of Mayoral staff $553,716
Planning: +34,422
Econ/Workforce Dev.: +$33,930
OCC: +$42,276
Mayor’s Office/Criminal Justice: +$42,848
Human Rights Com: +$3,146
Mayor’s Office/Community Dev: +$12,993
Arts Commission: +$8,648
Neighborhood Srvs.: +$28,340
Two new senior staff including climate protection and homeless policy director $389,657
Dept. Funded 10 Mayoral Staff Muni $821,747
Human SA $388,092
Planning $50,106
PUC $39,440
DPW $28,170
Rec & Park $16,903
Sacramento Insiders 2 Positions
Remove Salary Increases Airport
Emer Mngt
City Admin $64,642
Restrucure SFPD SFPD Report concludes that reducing number of stations would be cost effective, decrease redundant administrative job functions, increase number of available patrol officers $?
Eliminate pedestrian safety overtime SFPD Police currently clock overtime investigating construction sites to ensure that pedestrians can safely pass. This job should be done instead by DPW staff. $1,000,000
Aggressive MediCal/SSI application for 500 additional individuals Human SA Federal government re-imburses for cost of GA during application period. Saving also incurred from general fund as individual no longer reliant on GA. $2,040,000
MEA Contract Modification All Management Union to take a cut $4,000,000
Payroll Savings: Doctors and Dentists DPH Union of American Physicians/Dentists payroll savings $1,000,000
Freeze Wages- non-union CCSF employees $?
Eliminate Community Justice Center Human SA Eligibility Worker
DPH Coordinator and case management currently funded by Pelosi earmark. Have Pelosi re-direct $1.1 million ear mark to save critical substance abuse and mental health services for homleess people.
Public Def 1 position
District Attorney 1 position
Sheriff Includes deputies, transportation
Building 2 jail cells
Total $2,900,000
Laguna Honda fixtures, furniture and incidentals DPH Budget is bloated for these items $15,000,000
Prosecuting homeless people District Attorney 1 position from DA is used to prosecute homeless people in traffic court. No public monies are used to defend homeless people for tickets for sleeping and camping after being turned away from shelters at a rate of 2 in 3. $70,000
Operation Outreach SFPD 21 full time police officers are assigned to address homeless people. This is 2 from each station and 1 coordinator. Homeless people do not need a special police unit simply because they are poor. They need housing and jobs. $2,670,000
Delay Assorted Capitol Projects City Admin Unallocated $7,625,405
DPW Unallocated GSA General Fund $9,774,589
Eliminate Tenderloin Washdown DPW Tenderloin Washdown” . DPW. This program squirts high powered hoses into storefronts and onto sidewalks in the Tenderloin, often wetting homeless people and creating unhealthly puddles and civil rights violations. The program operates during night time hours, wastes water and does not effectively clean the area. 2 staff, 1 manager $?
Eliminate Mayor’s Office of Neighborhood
. This department has outlived its purpose with the onset of 311 calling center. $755,016
50% Reduction Mayor’s Office of Communication Mayor Mayor can utilize departments for most media dispursement needs $0
Fire Department Brown Out SFFD Voter initiative regarding department is not binding. Fire Department has excessive number of stations and highest per capita number of stations in country. By creating a plan in which during low peak times, engines are rotated from one of two close stations, instead of both, would realize substantial savings. $6,000,000
Panhandlers Parking Meters ?
Early Retirement
Eliminate Limo Drivers SFFD Department has 27 Limo drivers, no longer neccesary
Total Savings $54,797,826

Author: Street Sheet Editor

The STREET SHEET is the oldest continuously published street news paper in the United States. Organizationally, it is the public education and outreach tool of the Coalition on Homelessness. Every month, the STREET SHEET reaches 32,000 readers through over 200 homeless or low-income vendors. Our vendors are charged nothing for the papers they receive, and keep all money they earn through STREET SHEET distribution.

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