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Dear Supervisors:

I am writing to urge you to amend the rental subsidy program. All of us, SRO families, are very happy to have the rental subsidy program that would lessen our burden on our rent and let us have decent housing. However, the subsidy is only for two years. After two years, would we afford the rent on our own? That is a big concern for me and many of our families. Because of that, we had not applied to the program. For some families that have applied and got accepted into the program, because of the rising cost of living and employment problems, they could not afford to move out of SRO even with the subsidy. Some families got rejected because their income is too low.

Our families really want to move out of the SROs so our children have more room to move around, to grow healthily in body and mind, to allow them quiet space to do their homework. Being one of the SRO families, I, too, wish that my son and daughter can have a good environment to do their studies, and that I have stable income. I wish that the rental subsidy program could give me a chance to gain self sufficiency. We urge you to remove the arbitrary two year time limit, and not to cut off the subsidy until the families could afford the rent themselves, so that families receiving the subsidy would not have to live in anxiety. We also ask that the maximum amount of the subsidy, instead of $500, be increased to $1,000.
We urge for your support and thank you for your consideration.

Sincerely yours,

Yue Hua Yu


Author: Street Sheet Editor

The STREET SHEET is the oldest continuously published street news paper in the United States. Organizationally, it is the public education and outreach tool of the Coalition on Homelessness. Every month, the STREET SHEET reaches 32,000 readers through over 200 homeless or low-income vendors. Our vendors are charged nothing for the papers they receive, and keep all money they earn through STREET SHEET distribution.

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