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Homeless Filmmaker Plans San Francisco Premier

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Eric Moseley

Eric “Protein” Moseley will soon premier the homeless documentary entitled Skid Row Journey. This film delivers to the audience the film-maker’s true experience of homelessness. Not only does Skid Row Journey illustrate the living conditions in a homeless neighborhood, but also delivers the message that a person living without a home is still able to be productive.

Laurie Winer of the LA Times wrote of Moseley’s acting that he, “cuts through the haze with a natural flair for the spotlight.”

Moseley’s next attempt is to challenge a major network to follow him around the Tenderloin for a twenty-four period.

Even though Moseley’s film will not be screening at the Chinese Theater, he will still be a motivation for some to continue with their dreams, no matter what.

Local screening date and location have not yet been set. To learn more about San Francisco screenings, contact Moseley’s daughter Erica Moseley at 323.945.8637 or moseleyerica@yahoo.com. Mr. Moseley can be reached at skidrowjourney@yahoo.com. You can learn more at http://www.myspace.com/Proteinrecords.

Author: Street Sheet Editor

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