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Mayor Newsomator Terminates Poor with Massive Budget Cuts

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Mayor Newsom released a budget today that will terminate critical health and human services, while pumping up salaries for police by 25% and adding many new high paid patronage positions into his own administration.

Some highlights of the devastating impact of the budget include:

  1. Closure of Ella Hill Hutch Shelter, which serves up to 100 people every night in the Western Addition.
  2. Closure of Caduceus Outreach Services, a mental health treatment and wrap-around support program for severely disabled homeless adults with co-existing addictive disorders.
  3. Almost total elimination of SRO Families United program (66% cut) for families with dependent children living in hotels.
  4. Cut of 22% to residential substance abuse and mental health treatment programs budgets.
    1. Removal of support from Conard supportive housing program for severe psychiatric disabilities.
    2. Closure of Cortland Acute Diversion Unit for individuals in psychiatric crisis.
    3. Loss of 12 out of 24 community-based medically-supported detox beds.
    4. Many more residential cuts yet to be determined.
  5. Cut of 30% to all outpatient substance abuse and mental health treatment.
  6. Almost total elimination of STOP treatment program.
  7. 1,600 people will lose psychiatric treatment through Private Provider Network.
  8. Closure of Tenderloin Health, homeless multi-service center in the Tenderloin serving over 300 people a day, 16,000 unduplicated people a year. This program provides health services, HIV case management, HIV prevention, mental health services, harm reduction work, improving quality of life by getting people out of rain, hygiene kits, bathrooms, snacks, crisis intervention, and 30,000 shelter reservations a year.

What Can We Do?

Protest Newsom’s proposed budget!


The Bellaire Tower building—home of Mayor Gavin Newsom (1101 Green Street, at Leavenworth Street)

Bus 45 (Leavenworth/Union stop), Bus 27 (Leavenworth/Jackson stop), Bus 12 (Pacific/Leavenworth stop).


Wednesday, June 11, 6:00 p.m.


Author: Street Sheet Editor

The STREET SHEET is the oldest continuously published street news paper in the United States. Organizationally, it is the public education and outreach tool of the Coalition on Homelessness. Every month, the STREET SHEET reaches 32,000 readers through over 200 homeless or low-income vendors. Our vendors are charged nothing for the papers they receive, and keep all money they earn through STREET SHEET distribution.

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