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Buster's Place: Open for Now

The City offers one drop-in service to make up for the housing the economy can’t provide and the beds the shelter system won’t make available: Buster’s Place.

Though Buster’s Place is not a shelter, every night over a hundred people rest under the center’s roof. Many of these people are among the most vulnerable in San Francisco. Without Buster’s Place, the city’s streets could be horrifically damaging.

Unfortunately, a Buster’s-Place-less San Francisco has become a very real prospect. In his 2007-2008 fiscal year budget, the Mayor eradicated funding for Buster’s Place. The Board of Supervisors’ Finance Committee failed to re-include the center in the add-back process.

But there’s still a chance to save Buster’s Place for the 300 homeless people who pass through its doors every day, and the 100 who stay there every night: The budget is not a done deal until passed by the Board next week. The possibility of reintroducing funding for Buster’s Place will be presented before the full Board. With enough popular support, it just might pass. Please contact your supervisor today. (Don’t know your district? Check this map.) It may sound hyperbolic, but you really may be saving lives.


Author: Street Sheet Editor

The STREET SHEET is the oldest continuously published street news paper in the United States. Organizationally, it is the public education and outreach tool of the Coalition on Homelessness. Every month, the STREET SHEET reaches 32,000 readers through over 200 homeless or low-income vendors. Our vendors are charged nothing for the papers they receive, and keep all money they earn through STREET SHEET distribution.

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