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Budget Break-Down

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Those working on poor people’s issues in San Francisco saw a few good wins with this budget. In harm reduction, for example, the People’s Budget was able to win $350,000 for Caduceus Outreach Services, which was in danger of shutting its doors, funding for the Homeless Youth Alliance, San Francisco Needle Exchange, Bay Area Addiction Research and Treatment, the Mission Neighborhood Research Center, and Ladies Night Drop-In Services.

Unfortunately, there are also some disastrously detrimental aspects of the budget: No $1 million operating subsidy for affordable housing; an incomplete add-back for SRO Families United ($100,000 out of $200,000); no funding for Buster’s Place; and the Poverty Courts have maintained $500,000, though at least that remains in a reserve until the Mayor can actually present something more substantial than a Potemkin village.

The budget will not be a fait accompli until approved by the Board. Keep your eyes on this space for further developments!


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