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Be Part of a Non-Violent Revolution in the Mental Health System!

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Fact: From 1990 to 2000, the sale of antidepressant drugs increased 800 percent.

Fact: Children from the ages of two to four are now given psychiatric drugs only approved by the FDA for ages six and up.

Fact: In the state of California a person may now be court ordered to take psychiatric drugs against their will in their own home.

Fact: A key Bush Administration mental health advisor — psychiatrist Sally Satel — is campaigning for more forced psychiatric drugging nationally.

If you are upset by the above facts then consider yourself mentally healthy, and attend two free events in San Francisco in May to challenge the American Psychiatric Association Annual Meeting in May! When 19,000 participants in the Annual Meeting of the American Psychiatric Association pour into this city in May, they will be met by a peaceful counter-conference and Freedom Rally.

Here’s a recap and update:


An Alternative Mental Health Conference This counter-conference is all free, on Saturday, May 17, 2003, from 11 am to 7 pm at Everett Middle School, 450 Church St. in San Francisco. That’s the corner of 16th & Church.

Keynote speakers include:

  • ROBERT WHITAKER is the award winning journalist from Massachusetts, and author of Mad in America: Bad Science, Bad Medicine, and the Enduring Mistreatment of the Mentally Ill, which is now in paperback. Whitaker is an engaging speaker with a brilliant analysis of the history of the psychiatric system and its connection to corporate profit. He seamlessly connects several hundred years of psychiatry in the USA to problems with modern-day treatments. Whitaker builds on the paradox of why recovery rates for severe psychiatric problems are far better in developing nations than in the USA.
  • CELIA BROWN is the President of Support Coalition International and is flying in from New York City for the event. This warm African American leader heads up the first accredited psychiatric survivor delegation inside the United Nations. Celia will talk about how the grassroots can influence and challenge the international mental health establishment.
  • DR. LOREN MOSHER has devoted his life to blowing the whistle on the psychiatric system. He made waves by publicly resigning from the American Psychiatric Association because of the way the drug companies have taken over his profession.

Loren is an author and Clinical Professor of Psychiatry at UCSD. He created the historic Soteria Project — a successful non-medical alternative to psychiatric institutions for persons in acute crisis There will be a Town Hall Meeting to make your voice heard. And adding to all this will be a festival of exhibits, hands-on art to protest psychiatry, poetry readings, book sales, live music by Land of the Blind, and the glowing presence of performing artist Mind Pride Queen Radia.

Workshops by national and local presenters will be on a wide variety of issues: Ending Forced Treatment, Alternative Humane Treatments, Consumer/ Survivor Run Alternatives, Medicalization of Human Suffering, Exploring Madness, Cultural- Diversity Perspectives on Madness, Globalization of Drug Companies, Discrimination and Rights, Youth and Madness.

The timeline for events on May 17 will be: 11 am to 12 noon music & exhibits. 12 to 1:15 keynoters. 1:30 to 3:30 Town Hall. 3:45 to 5:15 Workshops. 5:30 to 7 Reception. (Please note the earlier-than announced start-up time of 11 am: Get there early, this venue is large but may fill up.)

The very next day you are invited to a FREEDOM RALLY, on Sunday, May 18, 2003 at 1 pm in front of Moscone Center, 747 Howard St., San Francisco. This peaceful protest is directly in front of the opening of the American Psychiatric Association Annual Meeting!

Some of the speakers and presenters on May 17 and/or May 18 events include: Mike Cornwall, Michele Curran, Diane Doolan, Al Galves, Leah Harris, Diane Kern, Jessie Lorenz, David Lukoff, Jay Mahler, Chance Martin, Terry Messman, Matt Morrissey, Carol Patterson, Bonnie Schell, Nancy Thomas, Alice Washington, and Kathy Zatkin. Other speakers & workshop presenters include: Judi Chamberlin — Psychiatric survivor leader, author of On Our Own from Massachusetts, Katherine Hodges — Youth anti-globalization activist, founder of Chicagoland Alliance for Psychiatric Alternatives, Sally Zinman — Director of California Network of Mental Health, and David Oaks — Director of MindFreedom and a psychiatric survivor from Oregon.


The demands for this weekend are for freedom and choice! Stop forced psychiatric drugging and the expansion of forced treatment laws. Stop Bush attacks on civil liberties using the mental health system. Our freedom is under siege internationally, nationally, and in California. Create alternatives that value choice and self-determination. Promote unity with other movements including disability, homeless, peace, youth, women, people of color, gay/lesbian/ bisexual/transgender, and others. Mark the 30th anniversary of the APA “voting” to remove homosexuality from its bible of labels.

For more details, updates, articles and a downloadable flyer see: http://www.mindfreedom.org/ Co-sponsors and endorsers of the May events include: MindFreedom, California Network of Mental Health Clients, Mental Health Consumer Concerns, Alameda County Network of Mental Health Clients, Street Spirit, Coalition on Homelessness SF/STREET SHEET</span, and Global Exchange.



Author: Street Sheet Editor

The STREET SHEET is the oldest continuously published street news paper in the United States. Organizationally, it is the public education and outreach tool of the Coalition on Homelessness. Every month, the STREET SHEET reaches 32,000 readers through over 200 homeless or low-income vendors. Our vendors are charged nothing for the papers they receive, and keep all money they earn through STREET SHEET distribution.

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